Whiz Comics

In the 1940’s certain things were taboo and could not be discussed in polite society; subjects like bodily functions, sexual relations, and nuclear proliferation were all forbidden topics, particularly when dealing with children. However, there was one place children could turn to in order to learn about the sometimes harsh realities of life - comic books. at that period comic books were far more daring and often exposed children to the seedy underbelly of so-called "civilized society." But it wasn't all blood and gore, there were also positive role models and educational comics that helped make the kids who read them into worldly and well-adjusted adults.

One relatively unknown example of these educational comics is Whiz Comics, best known for introducing Captain Marvel. They specialized in what was called "Commiseration Comics," which focused on powerful superheroes who nonetheless suffered from problems the kids could relate to. Thus, there were characters like Spy Smasher who killed thousands of Nazis but was afraid to talk to girls, Scoop Smith, a crime-fighting news reporter with a horrible stutter, and Ibis the Invincible, who could conquer everything except the multiplication table.

The biggest star was, of course, Captain Marvel, whose own problem served as the namesake for Whiz Comics, for the brave captain suffered from chronic urinary incontinence (A.K.A "Bedwetting," "Pissing your Pants," "Leaky Lizard," "Drippy Dong," and "The Faulty Lemonade Faucet") as you can see from the following comic book covers:

Captain Marvel often pees himself while performing incredible feats of strength

Captain Marvel Fighting Germans. Note the obvious metaphor of the twisted canon

In later issues writers introduced a young, relateable sidekick for Captain Marvel, Yan Pipi.

Unfortunately, in 1952, following a decline in the comics industry, Whiz Comics ceased publication, and their uplifting characters were lost for whole generations of awkward, insecure, and socially-inept children. When DC comics licensed and reintroduced Captain Marvel in 1972, they gradually phased out his urinary incontinence, which was resolved through extensive hypnotherapy.

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